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Montessori Around the World (Montessori Alrededor del Mundo)

A giant thank you to Jules Layman and the Montessori Around the World Project. Mi Casita Montessori is now featured on their site. Awesome!

Muchas gracias a Jules Layman y el proyecto: Montessori Alrededor del Mundo. Mi Casita Montessori ahora esta aparecido en su sitio de web. Que buena onda!


Construction is under way at Mi Casita Montessori! The school site is located next to Shirley’s family home in what used to be a basket ball court. While the proposed school has three walls and a foundation already in place, we were lacking a roof. So, after careful consideration and much shopping around to find the best price for quality roof construction, Shirley has chosen a contractor. They started building the roof last week, and while right now it just looks like a construction site, we are so thrilled to finally see the school coming into being!

The roof to be!

The Materials Have Arrived!!!

This last month has been incredibly fruitful and exciting. Not only have workers begun the construction at Mi Casita with the addition of a roof, but the Montessori materials have finally arrived in Xela! Shirley is busy  inventorying, cleaning, and putting together materials, assembling the rest of the school budget, and directing both the construction of the school building and the fabrication of tables, chairs, and bookshelves.

Meanwhile, stateside, we are investigating becoming associated with a local non-profit which could hopefully act as our umbrella organization, working on the logo and website, and networking like crazy to figure out how best to raise the remaining money needed to finish the construction on Mi Casita.

Here are some joyous pictures of the materials arriving!

Materials arrive!

These traveled by boat from L.A.

.....and arrived all the way in Xela!

One happy Shirley!

Shirley with a dressing frame.

Stay tuned for more pictures of Montessori materials and for the construction underway! As always, contact us at if you’re interested in learning more or donating.