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Off to a wonderful start

We at Mi Casita Montessori are excited to announce that we have begun our second year of classes with 18 children, ranging from two and a half to six-years-old.

On the first day the students arrived at the school at nine and were greeted with Shirleys loving smile. As with every first day of school some students arrived eagerly, some nervously, and others with a few tears but by 10 all were smiling and walking confidently about the classroom. At 10:30 the students set the tables for snack, first finding their placemat, then their plate, silverware and glass. For many students this  was the first time they were allowed to use real (non-plastic) plates and glasses, and everyone carried them carefully, without a single broken glass.

Perhaps the most amazing part to watch was how the second-year students helped the new students, showing them where to find the bathroom or how to carry their plate to the table. Though all were a bit shy, it was evident that the students were building their own community through the simple act of  setting the table; one of the many wonders of a Montessori classroom.

After lunch the students played outside, enjoying the sun and the simple wonders of the garden. Then at 12 they were met by their parents, eager to hear how the day had gone. Without a doubt everyone left smiling, lunchboxes and sweaters in hand.

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