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Mi Casita Montessori’s Annual Fund

Dear Friends,

For the past several years, our small team has been working to establish the first Montessori Children’s House in Xela, Guatemala in accordance with AMI standards. Our school is called Mi Casita Montessori and we currently serve a small, but socioeconomically diverse community of 8 children. By January 2013 our family will grow as we are slated to enroll between 15 and 20 children.


In January 2012, we first opened our doors to children and we are proud to announce that Mi Casita Montessori has successfully completed its first school year. It was a school year in which children walked on the line, buttoned the button frame, arranged flowers and built the Pink Tower. It was a school year in which the children of Mi Casita Montessori and their families learned the power of an authentic Montessori education.


Just over a year ago Shirley Yancor, our school’s director and I stood in the rain on the cement basketball court adjacent to her home and watched a contractor measure its walls. We shook our heads, unsure how this space would be transformed into the beautiful school of which we dreamed. It was through your generosity that we were able to raise over $10,000 to build the school, purchase authentic Montessori materials, and realize our dream.


During the year that followed, Maggie Paulin, an Oberlin University student and co-founder of MCM, won a grant from the Kathryn Davis Projects for Peace. She worked tirelessly to transform the empty lot next to the school into a flourishing organic garden, complete with a henhouse! It has proved to be an amazing space for the children’s exercises in practical life as they delight in caring for the hens, gathering eggs, and watering, weeding and harvesting the plants. We can’t wait to see how this space continues to grow through the children’s direct efforts.

More recently Maggie has built a community partnership with the Oberlin based non-profit SEPA which works in solidarity with two Guatemalan communities to improve access to education. With their generous support we are now able to accept tax-deductible donations.

This has been an incredible year for everyone involved, but our work is far from over. To stay true to our mission we must raise money to provide more scholarships so that all children, regardless of their economic status, can attend our school. We must also raise money for the future; for teacher salaries, classroom supplies and repairs, and student transportation.

We invite you now to participate in our first annual fundraiser in which we aim to raise $10,000. By making a donation you can help to ensure the future of this wonderful project which embodies the ideal that one school can make a difference.


Zil Jaeger
Cofounder, Mi Casita Montessori

To donate, please send your check to SEPA:

SEPA (MEMO: Mi Casita Montessori)

c/o Bill Fuchsman, Treasurer

192 Forest St.

Oberlin, OH  44074

To Donate Online:


CLICK: Donate Now through

SELECT: Other and enter your contribution amount

Under “Programs,” select “other”

WRITE in the memo: Mi Casita Montessori

FOLLOW the links to add to the basket and fill in your credit card information

Where Does My Donation Go?

At its heart, Mi Casita Montessori is dedicated to providing Montessori education for socioeconomically diverse children and families. Currently, 3 of our 8 enrolled children attend on full scholarship. In January 2013, we hope to increase that number to 6 of our anticipated 20 attending children. Our scholarship families pay no tuition fees, but do contribute to the school through other volunteer capacities. Their tuition fees are paid for by generous donors like you. The cost of 10 months of schooling at Mi Casita Montessori includes a 500Q ($72) registration fee, plus a fee of 350Q ($50) per month for a total of $572/year.

Other school costs like teacher salaries, classroom supplies, utilities and maintenance are supported by tuition, but are also subsidized by donations. As our school grows towards capacity we hope to decrease the amount of subsidies that we will require to run the school.

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