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Montessori Education in Guatemala

Montessori Education in Guatemala

While we acknowledge that there are multiple ways to address the problems of Guatemala’s current education system, we at Mi Casita Montessori believe that a Montessori education is uniquely suited to address the problems specific to Quetzaltenango. By fostering a collaborative environment for both indigenous and non-indigenous children, MCM will address the increasing educational disparity between children of both backgrounds. Guided by Dr. Montessori’s methods, MCM will create an environment that will engage student’s interest and guide each individual towards developing a deep and lasting love for his environment and respect for himself and his peers.

It is also important to acknowledge that Mi Casita Montessori will be the first Montessori school to open in Quetzaltenango led by an AMI trained teacher, and the second in Guatemala. The Colegio Internacional Montessori, located in Guatemala City, is the only other Montessori program in the country, and has enjoyed tremendous success since its’ founding in 1984. After beginning with a student body of 60 students the Colegio Internacional Montessori has grown to serve more than 1,200 students each year. This success bodes well for the success of the Montessori method in Guatemala and for Mi Casita Montessori in particular. Although our work will be undertaken in different cities, MCM is committed to working in collaboration with the Colegio Internacional Montessori to ensure the mutual success of our programs, as well as to pursuing an eventual accreditation by AMI.

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